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Ladda ner ljud till din dator

Ali G
aight.wav Aiight
forreal.wav For real
respect.wav Respect
wicked.wav Wicked
Beavis & Butthead
10pm.wav It's 10 pm, do you know where your wiener is?
angry.wav Do not make my bunghole angry!
bngholio.wav The mighty bungholiooo!
bumhug.wav Bumhug
bunhole.wav My bunhole will talk.
crnholio.wav I am Cornholio
gohome.wav It's time to go home.
heybaby.wav Hey Baby
pantsdown.wav Come out with your pants down!
Blandade ljudeffekter
ahhexcellent.wav Ahh excellent
attention.wav Attention!
applause.wav Applause
kisses.wav Kisses
laugh.wav Laugh
haleluja.wav Haleluja
breathing.wav Man heavy breathing
ifeelgood.wav I feel good
likeasexmachine.wav Like a sex machine
lostmymangoman.wav I lost my mango man
moo.wav Cow goes moo
mrluvaluva.wav Mr Luvaluva
sheepbaa.wav Sheep baa
warchant.wav War chant
woow.wav James Brown, Woow
thunder.wav Thunder Sfx
trumpets.wav Trumpets
plong1.wav Plong 1
plong2.wav Plong 2
winfail.wav Windows startup fail sound
wheee.wav Wheee
whooo.wav Whooo
Blandade ljudklipp
abort.wav Abort abort, we have been identified
call911.wav Call 911!
canttouchthis.wav Can't touch this! Mc Hammer
chant.wav Munksång
damnhot.wav Damn hot
dontworry.wav Dont worry
evillaugh.wav Ett ont skratt
gooddaytodie.wav It is a good day to die
gotbusy.wav I once got busy in a Burger King bathroom
hail.wav Hail to the King baby
helpmerelax.wav I will watch some TV it will help me RELAX
hibaby.wav Hello baby
holycow.wav Holy Cow
iambuzz.wav I am Buzz Lightyear, I have come in peace
imnotbad.wav I'm not bad
imtosexy.wav I am to sexy
iwantmymtv.wav I want my MTV
jamesbrown.wav James Brown is dead
justgrab.wav Just grab him in the biscuits
letmeout.wav Let me out of here
oompa.wav Ooompa oompa dobideedoo
pathetic.wav You are one pathetic looser
pumpyouup.wav We're gonna pump you up
readmylips.wav Read my lips (George Bush)
ronaldreagan.wav I'm not gonna tell falseness to the american people, I'll leave that to others (Ronald Reagan)
rumble.wav Let's get ready to rumble
showmoney.wav Show me the money
shutdown.wav Initiating shutdown sequence
smokedog.wav Smoke Dogg
wazzup.wav Wazzzup
whip.wav Don't worry I'm not gonna hurt you..
Clint Eastwood
44magnum.wav This is a 44. Magnum..
clinteastwood.wav Clint Eastwood telefonsvarare
getlost.wav Get lost now.. (Dirty Harry)
goodbad.wav The Good, the Bad and the Ugly
makemyday.wav Go ahead, make my day
E-post ljudklipp
937new.wav You have 937 new messages, all marked urgent
attentioncheck.wav Attention check your online message now
checkyourmailbox.wav Check your mailbox..
ihavesomething.wav I have something for you
mastermail.wav Master I have mail for you
messageforyou.wav Message for you Sir
newmailarrived.wav New mail has arrived
newmailwait.wav New mail is waiting your attention
newmessages.wav There are new messages
youhaveamail.wav You have a mail message
scully.wav Have you checked you email Mulder (Scully)
xfiles.wav Your new mail is in (Arkiv X)
Evil Ash
groovy.wav Groovy
ashops.wav Oops
platoferato.wav Platoferato..
Ljudklipp från filmer
20thcentury.wav Intro musik till 20th Century Fox
aonline.wav Everybody online looking good (Aliens)
beback.wav I'll be back (Terminator)
bogus.wav Bogus (Bill and Ted)
danielsan.wav Goodnight Daniel-san (Mr Miyagi)
data.wav I have an ultimate storage kapacaity of 8 hundred quadtrillion bits.. (Star Trek)
dolby.wav Dolby Surround
failure.wav What we've got here is failure to communicate
gameover.wav It's game over man (Aliens)
lotsofguns.wav Guns lots of guns (Matrix)
halstartup.wav HAL 2000 starting up (A Space Odyssey)
hastalavista.wav Hasta La Vista baby (Terminator)
paramount.wav Paramount
playgame.wav Shall we play a gamne (War Games)
privilege.wav Gentlemen, it's been a privilege flying with you (Apollo 13)
scat.wav KITT från från Knight Rider säger goodbye
swear.wav I swear I will not kill anyone (Terminator)
thx.wav THX
universal.wav Universal
viacom.wav Viacom
fishes.wav What the hell is this?
offer.wav I'm gonna make an offer he can't refuse
James Bond
dreaming.wav My name is Pussy Galore...I must be dreaming.
grant.wav Which lunatic asylum did they get you out of.. (Ted Grant)
kronsteen.wav Kronsteen, you sure this plan is fool proof..
newera.wav Global destruction will follow... (Stromberg)
nomrbond.wav Do you expect me to talk? No Mr Bond I.. (Goldfinger)
nothing.wav That's quite a nice little nothing you're almost wearing.
pitybreak.wav That's a Dom Perignon 53. It would be a pity.. (Dr No)
sake.wav Do you like Japanese sake Mr Bond?.. (Tanaka)
serving.wav I think I will enjoy serving under you (Aki)
sherry.wav An unsually fine solera, '51 I believe.. (M)
spectre.wav S.P.E.C.T.R.E. (Dr Julius No)
tanaka.wav Place yourself entirely in their hands my dear Bond-san..
thinktwice.wav Think twice 007 (Blofeld)
tombstone.wav My name is..Names are is tombstones baby (Mr Big)
training.wav Training is usefull, but there is no.. (Morzeny/Klebb)
trouble.wav That's what I call trouble
Monty Python
assyria.wav Whats the capital of Assyria?
chant.wav Monty Python chanting
chant2.wav Monty Python chanting 2
fleshwound.wav You've got no arms. Oh it's just a flesh wound
herring.wav You must cut down the largest tree with a herring!
invincible.wav I'm invincible... you're a looney
allihave.wav All I have in this world is my balls..
moneyfirst.wav First you get the money..
Spel ljudklipp
doom.wav The smell of doom is in the air..
hunger.wav Your hunger for survival amuses us..
hunter.wav Are you the hunter or are you the prey
qexcellent.wav Excellent
femaledeath.wav Female pain sfx
femalepain1.wav Female pain 1
femalepain2.wav Female pain 2
Star Wars
apology.wav Apology accepted (Darth Vader)
bidding.wav What is thy bidding my master
breath.wav Darth Vader breathes
darkside.wav You don't know the power of the dark side
empiremarch.wav Darth Vader Empire marschen
expectingu.wav The emporer has been expecting you (Darth Vader)
hansolo.wav I've got a bad feeling about this (Han Solo)
helpobi.wav Help me Obi Wan Kenobi (Princessan Leia)
helpyou.wav Help you I can (Yoda)
jabba.wav Jabba laughs
jabbatalk.wav Oeenau bantah podo (Now you will be fed to the Bantha) Jabba the Hut
luke.wav I want to learn the ways of the force and become a Jedi like my father (Luke)
mustobey.wav I must obey my master (Darth Vader)
notajediyet.wav The force is with you young Skywalker, but you are not a Jedi yet
obiforce.wav Remember the force will be with you always (Obi Wan Kenobi)
powercvtrs.wav But I was going to Taushi station to pick up some power converters (Luke)
r2d2.wav R2D2
revenge.wav At last we will reveal ourselves to the Jedi.. (Darth Maul)
scum.wav You rebel scum (Imperial Officer)
starwars.wav Star Wars låten
strikeme.wav Strike me down with all of your hatred and you journey towards the darkside will be complete (Palpatine)
turned.wav If you will not be turned, you will be destroyed (Kejsaren)
trynot.wav No, try not, do or do not.. (Yoda)
usetheforce.wav Use the force Luke
whyhere.wav I am wondering, why are you here (Yoda)
wipeall.wav Wipe them out, all of them (Emporer Palpatine)
Svenska ljudklipp
herrejavlar.wav Herre jävlar vilken röta jag har idag då
lagesrapport.wav Lägesrapport kolon
trevligt.wav Trevligt
hoppsan.wav Hoppsan
lattsomenplatt.wav Lätt som en plätt
The Simpsons
2lie.wav Marge it takes two to lie..
anending.wav It's an ending thats enough (Marge)
mailhere.wav The mail is here (Homer)
notime.wav No time for that now..
simpsonsgay.wav Oh my god I'm gay.. (Homer)
welcome.wav Welcome to the Internet (Homer Simpson)
Varnings ljudeffekter
erroroccured.wav Error has occured
warning.wav Warning
ruby.wav Ruby - Ouhh
aiii.wav Aiii
nooo.wav Nooo
ohgodness.wav Oh godness gracious me
ohno.wav Oh no
ohoh.wav Oh oh
ojojojoj.wav Oj oj oj oj
oops.wav Oops
oldwoman.wav Old woman
Windows ljudklipp
commencing.wav Commencing interweb link
outerlimits.wav Outerlimits sound
presenting.wav Presenting his eminence
shuttingdown.wav Shutting down
startup.wav Initiating start up sequence
transfercomplete.wav Transfer complete
trashcan.wav All items in trashcan deleted